Custody FAQs

Common Questions about Custody

We’re here to provide clarity and guidance.

How is Child Custody Determined?

Pennsylvania courts consider 16 factors when awarding custody. The child’s preference may be a factor, depending on age and maturity.

When Do Children Have a Say in Custody?

There’s no set age in Pennsylvania. The court considers the child’s well-reasoned preference.

Do We Need a Written Custody Order?

Yes, even amicable parents benefit from a written custody order, providing a legal framework for resolving future disagreements.

What if I Want to Relocate with My Child?

Pennsylvania law has specific procedures for relocation. Consult an attorney to understand the process and file the necessary documentation.

Can I Get Custody of My Grandchildren?

Grandparents’ rights are governed by Pennsylvania custody law. The specifics of your situation will determine your rights.

What if I Have Issues with an Existing Custody Order?

You may file a Petition to Modify the Order. If the other parent isn’t cooperating, an action in contempt may be available.

What if We Agree on Custody Sharing?

Reaching an agreement privately is beneficial, but it’s advisable to have an attorney draft the agreement to ensure it’s comprehensive and enforceable.

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